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Health Sciences

Public Health

BSc European Public Health

3 years

€2530 pa

Programme profile

The European Public Health programme examines regional, national and global public health developments within the European Union. Applying real-world cases to your study, you will pursue six themes that correspond to the six semesters of the programme: contemporary European public health topics; the shape of Public Health in Europe today; European public health objectives; study abroad or at other faculty in Maastricht; making public health work in Europe; a practical research internship or assignment and related bachelor"s thesis.

The programme is taught through Active and Self-Directed Learning (ASDL) , an innovative, student-centred instructional method, which incorporates Problem-Based Learning. ASDL employs a variety of educational methods, including project-based tutorial groups, lectures and seminars, skills-training, role-playing, excursions and presentations

Programme content

Year 1:Tuberculosis; Work-related Stress and Burn-out; Ambient particulate matter; Frames for Public Health; European (Public Health) Institutions; Mother and child care; Ageing in Europe

Year 2: Alcohol and drugs use as a health problem; Food, novel food, food safety ; The European Pharmaceutical Market; Lifestyles as a common denominator?

Year 3: Health systems in Europe; Health Strategies in Europe; Writing a research proposal; Internship; Thesis


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Entry Requirements

3 A-levels (CCC) + 3 GCSEs

Scottish Students are required to have a SQC with 2 Advanced Highers and at least 4 Highers. Subjects to include Maths.

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate including three at H5, or above. Minimum 350 points.




01 October

01 May