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BSc International Business & Politics

3 years

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Programme profile

Due to globalisation, relationships between business, governments, international institutions and other actors such as nGOs, are becoming increasingly more important. Therefore, strong skills in analysing these relationships have become essential. This multidisciplinary programme combines Business, Economics and Management with Political Science and International Political Economics.

The Economics modules teach key economic concepts as well as nternational trade and investment and international finance.The business modules provide an all-round understanding of "the business of doing business", and the module teaches the methods and tools for making sound business decisions. There will be a special emphasis on the analysis of "non-market business decisions", i.e. governments, non-governmental organisations, and the media.

The Political Science modules have a strong comparative and international dimension. You will learn how political systems work and you will be introduced to major theoretical debates on democracy, power and the state. In International Political Economics you will look at how market conditions influence political relations between states ; cooperation between state with regards to international economic matters; and the roles transsnational corporations, nation states, and nGOs take in shaping the policies.

Programme content

Year 1: Microeconomics; Macroeconomics; Managerial Economics; Political Science; Regional Integration and EU; Political Economy of Development

Year 2: International Economics; International Business Strategy; History of Ideas; Organisation Theory; International Political Econom; Comparative Political Economy; Statistics; Applied Theory and Methods; 2nd Year Project

Year 3: Electives; Corporate Finance; Global Political Economy; Bachelor Project


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Entry Requirements

General Certificate of Education (with examination in 8 subjects where at least 3 are A-levels, alternatively 2 A-levels + 2 AS-levels. Subjects to include A/S Maths and Social Studies subject OR History OR Economics [or equivalent]

Leaving Certificate, showing at least 6 subjects of which at least 2 Higher Level subjects (at least Grade H5. Subjects to include Maths [Ord] AND Social Studies subject or History or Economics or Business.




Also relevant: work experience, previous periods of living abroad and GPA

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