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BSc International Shipping & Trade

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Shipping is at the very core of international trade. Millions of tons of cargo are shipped from one end of the globe to the other each day, and you could describe international shipping as “globalisation in its physical form”, linking production, people and companies all over the planet.  

Developing efficient, reliable and cost-effective solutions to moving goods from producers to buyers is increasingly a key component in assuring business success for international companies. Shipping is not only a very large but also a dynamic and constantly changing industry. And in that industry, Denmark is a leading country, not only with the largest shipping fleet in Europe but also with around 10 % of the world’s shipping being operated from Copenhagen.

This is a different programme from all the other programmes at CBS, in that it focuses directly on just one industry. Rather than a general understanding of business conditions and business economics, you will develop a specific understanding of how shipping companies operate, how they develop strategies and business networks and how to plan and manage in an industry that operates in a global context, which is constantly changing.

Entry Requirements

General Certificate of Education with examination in 8 subjects where at least 3 are A-levels, alternatively 2 A-levels + 2 AS-levels.Subjects to include A/S Level Maths and A/S Level History OR Economics OR Social Studies [or equivalent]

Leaving Certificate, showing at least 6 subjects of which at least 2 Higher Level subjects (at least Grade H5. FETAC Level 5 Certificates and Level 6 Advanced Certificates will be considered for admission only to same study field as they would gain entry for in Ireland Subjects to include Maths and Social Studies OR History OR Economics [or equivalent]




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