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BSc Mobility & Logistics

3.5 years

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Programme profile

Logistics is one of the leading industrial sectors in Germany and is still growing. Social changes and fast-changing technologies determine and allow for innovative approaches. These changes are increasingly affecting all market segments, including sales, transport & traffic and health care.

The core areas of logistics are process analysis and process optimisation in highly complex systems, using the most modern technologies (e.g. RFID) .Typical tasks include choosing a supplier, inventory control, production planning, transport planning, choice of software and location of a business or plant. This programme produces graduates with an excellent foundation of knowledge who understand and can project technology trends and can investigate and evaluate new market opportunities.


The university does not currently offer a related Masters programme, taught through English.

Entry Requirements

3 A-levels, inc Maths and a subject relevant to this programme.

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate (inc 2HC3, one of which must be Maths). At least one subject to be relevant to programme you are applying for




Note, there are no tuition fees but there is a semester fee of some EUR251, to cover admin expenses

01 May

15 July