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BSc Pharmacy

3 years

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Programme profile

How do you extract a medical substance from a plant? How do you define a dosage? Do you administer a drug via a tablet or an injection? A lot of questions have to be answered before a drug can be safely used. In this programme you study how medicines work in the human body and how they can be used to treat diseases. Would you like to help cure people? Or would you prefer to focus on the drugs themselves?

In this programme,
you will learn what medicines are, how they work, and how they are developed and administered. You will learn about human (patho)physiology, and the pharmacist's role in the quest for new compounds to prevent, halt or cure disease. Based on a strong research tradition, our multidisciplinary programme provides a solid scientific foundation for students. If you're interested in healthcare, the programme includes courses about the indispensable contribution of the pharmacist to patient care. If drug research is more your thing, the programme will open the door to the molecular world of pharmacy and how you can explore it. Students can choose from elective courses to individualize their programmes to their own specific interests

Programme content

You will follow a wide range of modules. designed to introduce you to the pharmaceutical sciences in the broadest sense. All aspects are covered, including:

- Rational drug design
- Mechanisms of drug action
- Analysis, delivery and engineering of drugs
- Drugs in practice

In addition to lectures, you will receive extensive hands-on training in lab courses, as well as supervised tutorials. You will be familiarized with future career opportunities by active participation in ongoing research programmes and visits to both community and hospital pharmacies.


Students will need to progress to a MSc, to qualify as a phamacist. (The MSc available in Groningen is currently only taught through Dutch)

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels (Maths, Chemistry & Physics) and three GCSEs

Six passes at Leaving Cert (inc. Chemistry, Physics and Maths, two of which to be at Higher level)



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