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BSc Sustainable Agriculture

3.5 years

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Programme profile

This programme combines technical, natural, economic and social disciplines of science. In a range of interdisciplinary projects, students learn to analyse, evaluate and optimise agricultural and horticultural production systems as integral part of the value chain. In cooperation with companies and institutions this applications-oriented study allows a high level of practical relevance to be reached. Alongside the provision of technical and scientific content and the establishment and development of methodological skills, the social competences of each individual are strengthened.

Self-organised learning as a key competency and as an integral part of a university study is promoted from the outset. Here to a large degree the transfer of professionally qualifying skills and the advancement of personal competences take place through integration and specialisation. In doing so, different forms of learning such as lectures, seminars, lab courses, internships, exercises and project works are selected, to communicate classical educational content (e.g. soil science, botany, business administration, livestock sales) as well as modern themes of the agricultural branch (e.g. precision farming, energy production, quality management, value chain analysis).

Programme content

Key global issues including climate change with changing weather conditions, increasing land degradation and loss of biodiversity will be dealt with as well as the questions of world nourishment, the strong price fluctuations for agricultural products and revenue assurance for farmers and gardeners in a globalised world.

In addition, production systems of different value chains from food production to ornamental plants production to renewable raw materials production are looked at and evaluated with different approaches and methods regarding their sustainability in their environmental, economical and social terms. The resulting ethical issues are also addressed in the courses.

Students have a 3-month practical work experience period at the end of the second year and a semester abroad or international internship in the third year.


The university currently offers no related Masters programme, taught through English

Entry Requirements

3 A-levels, inc Maths and a subject relevant to this programme.

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate (inc 2 x H5, one of which must be Maths). At least one subject to be relevant to programme you are applying for.




Note: there is no tuition fee but a semester fee, to cover admin expenses, of about EUR 250 per semester.

01 May

15 July