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IE University


Social Sciences

Politics & International Relations

Bachelor in International Relations

4 years

€21000 pa

Programme profile

The Bachelor in International Relations is a hands-on, practical and comprehensive programme that prepares students for a career in the international public and private sectors.

This programmme employs a case study approach and seminar discussions in the IR Lab. These are semester-long courses which simulate real-life challenges and train students in critical areas such as conflict resolution, negotiation, strategy, and public speaking. Students also have the opportunity to participate in selective internship placements in a variety of institutions.

Its multi-disciplinary approach specifically trains students to understand complexity. The program takes a comprehensive look at international Relations as a global descipline, drawing on many fields such as political science, economics, law, and the role of multilateral organisations, states and the corporate world in shifting the international order.


The university doesn't offer any relevant Masters' programmes taught through English.

Entry Requirements

3 A-levels + 3 GCSE (grades between A and C), inc Maths. SAT, ACT or equivalent will exempt you from Admissions test


Six subjects at Leaving Certificate including 2 at H5. Subjects to include Maths. SAT, ACT or equivalent will exempt you from Admissions test




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