Aalborg University


Aalborg , Copenhagen , Esbjerg



Aalborg University (AAU) was inaugurated in 1974 and is thus a young and modern university which, over the years, has grown to become a large, well-established research and teaching institution.

Aalborg University differentiates itself from the older and more traditional Danish universities with its focus on interdisciplinary, inter-faculty studies; an experimental curriculum based on an interdisciplinary basic course with subsequent specialization; a pedagogical structure based on problem-centred, real-life projects of educational and research relevance - which internationally has become known and recognized as The Aalborg Experiment or The Aalborg Model.

To comply with the order of the Danish Ministry of Education to reduce admissions of international students in Danish Universities, from 2019, the University has decided, for the time being, to stop offering undergraduate programmes through English.

Courses offered through English


    Aalborg University has an International Accommodation Office (IAO) which assists the Universityメs international students in finding a place to live when they arrive in Aalborg. The accommodation that is offered is a single room in a private house, a dormitory room or a bigger flat shared with other students. Most apartments are located in or in the vicinity of downtown Aalborg, approximately 5-6 km from the Universityメs main campus, while the dormitories are located relatively closer to the main campus.

    Rent is from €270 per month for a single room with shared facilities with other students to about €340 for a small one person flat with your own bathroom and kitchen.