Aeres University of Applied Sciences

University of Applied Sciences




Aeres University of Applied Sciences, Dronten, is a small professional education institute that prepares students for careers in the knowledge domains of agriculture, food, horticulture, agribusiness and animal science. The University has about 1500 students.

Practice is one of the main concepts in all courses. Aeres uses an educational model of competency based education. It teaches students to develop professional products like for example an export plan for an exporter in tulip bulbs, perform a food safety audit in meat processing unit or write a policy plan for the rural area in a mountain region in Italy. To prepare students for their future career, a full-time traineeship in a middle management job is part of every course..

Courses offered through English


Aeres has a housing complex for international students on campus. Rent per person: approx. €305 month single room or €175/month double room.