Copenhagen School of Design & Technology [KEA]


KEA is the new Copenhagen School of Design and Technology with over 30 career-oriented programmes and further education opportunities. It has four core faculties: Media/IT, Design/Business, Building/Production and Leadership/Management.

The Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA) develops and offers further education up to and including Bachelors level. It also offers 2-year 'Associate Degrees' that can be topped up to Bachelor level. Its programmes are offered in cooperation with industry and other educational institutions within Denmark and abroad. Currently, there are 3000 students are enrolled at KEA.

KEA describes its mission as one "to educate highly skilled and professional designers, communicators and technologists who are able to work in an international context". It has a well-developed student support structure.

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Courses offered through English


Copenhagen School of Design & Technology assists students with finding suitable lodging. However, as it is not easy to find student accommodation in Copenhagen, you should resgister early. You should budget for about €400 - €500 per month