Dania Academy

Dania Academy





DANIA Academy offers a variety of programmes in eight different Danish cities, two of which, Viborg and Randers, host programmes for international students. Approximately 2400 students attend DANIA's programmes out of which around 400 are international students. 

At Dania, students are expected to play an active role in their own learning process. DANIA provides student-centred learning and open debate during class. Working with projects and problem-based learning is essential. This requires active participation rather than passive listening. 

DANIA’s international programmes are 2-year AP degree programmes (first 3 semesters of courses and in the 4th semester students are required to take an internship), which can be continued with a top-up study programme for a full Professional Bachelor’s Degree, in a further 1 ½ years, in universities and colleges in Denmark, and abroad.

Courses offered through English