IT University of Copenhagen





The IT University is an independent educational and research institution, dedicated to the digital world. The university has a strong research environment including a comprehensive PhD programme and offers a variety of research based study programmes, part time and also single subject studies within the field of IT.The University was founded in 1999 as IT-HOjskolen, but changed its name to the IT University in 2003 and is now creating more IT graduates, than any other university in Denmark. It currently has just over 2000 students.

The IT University is a single faculty university with a cross-disciplinary approach to the studying of information technology and the field is approached from a variety of perspectives: natural sciences (traditional computer science), software engineering, computer-supported cooperative work, the design and use of IT, e-business, computer games studies, and the social, cultural and aesthetic aspects of IT.

Courses offered through English


The University is not able to offer housing to international students but will guide you on where to look. As it is not easy to find student accommodation in Copenhagen, you should resgister early. You should budget for about €400 - €500 per month.