Medical University of Lodz





The Medical University of Lodz [MUL] was inaugurated 2002 as a merger of two Medical Schools: the Medical Academy of Lodz and the Military Medical Academy of Lodz. The Medical Academy of Lodz had been founded in 1950, after separating from the University of Lodz. MUL is currently the largest state-owned medical university in Poland. It contains five faculties [Medicine, Pharmacy, Health Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Military Medicine] and five teaching hospitals, which have over 1600 hospital beds between them: each year, more than 50 000 patients are hospitalised in in university-affiliated wards.

Currently, over 8,500 Polish students are receiving their education within medical and medicine-related areas at various faculties. Medical teaching  in English was initiated in 2003. Currently, nearly 400 foreign students from various countries (USA, Canada, Taiwan, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, Spain, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia) attend medical and dental courses at the university.

MUL undertakes international research cooperation with centres such as: Institute of Biomedical Engineering CNR, Italy; Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam; King's College London, University of Manchester, Universite de Geneve.

Courses offered through English


Halls of Residence are about €200 per month