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Breda UAS {formerly NHTV Breda) is a modern and dynamic higher education institute with 7,000 students from over 50 countries. It is situated in the south of the Netherlands, in the historic city of Breda, only 100 km from both Amsterdam and Brussels.

The institution was founded as an institute offering management programmes in tourism and leisure and, in this field, it is one of Europe's leading education institutions. It's multimedia library has one of the most specialised collections in the world and its Electronic Learning System has made studying irrelevant of place and time.

Bread UAS applies 'action learning'. Rather than 'receiving' education in the traditional manner, students design and direct their own plan of study. Lecturers are professional experts acting as role models for students, rather than being tutors who tell them what to do.

Courses offered through English


Breda UASuses a local agency to support your search for accommodation. They suggest that you register with this agency before 01 July, to ensure priority.

You should budget for about €350 per month


"In Ireland (where I’m originally from), there are a number of courses that provide this type of education. I looked into them all and what I found was that 99% of them were software development courses with fancy names (I later found out that this is a worldwide problem). There were no specific game design courses, which is where my passion lies. I looked into studying in England and while they did have specific game design courses, the fees were simply out of the question for me. I researched the International Game Architecture & Design course at NHTV and found that it was everything that I was looking for. Now I'm here I understand that the standard of education is very high. The course is tough, but that is exactly how you know the quality is there."

Gerald Regan [Ireland]

"The Game Design course is excellent as it focuses on making professionals and not just graduates. You get the foundations and theory behind the work and industry you will work in and most importantly you get the skills that employers really want which I know will make any graduates from IGAD far more competitive then from other more traditional Universities. The best experience for me so far has to be game lab. Do not get me wrong, it's not easy, in fact it's probably the hardest thing we do but the thrill of planning, building and publishing your own game can't be beaten in my opinion."

Benjamin Kleboe, [UK]