University College of Northern Denmark

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The University College of Northern Denmark [UCN] is a newly merged institution working in the fields of education, development, applied research and innovation.

The college has over 7000 full-time students, many of whom are enrolled on one of UCN's varied portfolio of 14 programmes taught through English.

UCN has long-standing links with industry, which ensures that all programmes are relevant to the needs of employment. Work experience is a component of all programmes. In addition to lectures, learning activities include group-based projects, field trips, case studies and debates.

Courses offered through English


Accommodation is available at UC House at the cost for the academic year of Eu r2800 - 5000.  Lower rates are available if you opt for a shared room/


"Aalborg is a nice city to live in, and I will continue to live here, even though I am finished studying. In my opinion it is neither too big, nor so small it feels claustrophobic. There is a good public transport system, and everything is easily accessible.

I decided to join the Graphic Design & Technology course as I wanted to do something new, fun and creative, and the course has lived up to all of these expectations. There is quite a lot of theoretical learning involved in the course, however there are also a lot of practical lessons and assignments that allow students to try out their new-found skills. In addition to this we were given a lot of help and advice regarding our future as designers, including preparing a portfolio, getting a job or starting a design company. All-in-all, I have enjoyed the time spent studying at UCN and feel I have come away well prepared for a career within graphic design."

Joe Sturgess, UK



"I am originally from Northern England so relocating myself to the northern part of Denmark actually worked quite well for me.  The northern mentality seems the same here as it is back home and I can feel the same friendliness from the locals that I did from home.  I’ve lived here quite a while now and can highly recommend Aalborg as a City, It has a reasonable amount to do, plenty of bars and the water is close enough for those that like it.


The school caters well for international students. It educates international students not only about their chosen programme but also about where they are taking it, Denmark. This makes for a feeling of being welcome at the school and adds to the general good nature around the campus."



Rick Spence, UK, studying Computer Science