Utrecht University of Applied Sciences

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With 38,000 students, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is the third largest university of applied sciences in the netherlands. It offers a wide range of courses spread within nine principal themes: Building and Environment, Communication & Journalism, Economics and Management, Education, Information Technology, Life Sciences,Health, Society and Law,Technology and Design. Most of its over 80 programmes lead to a Bachelorメs degree [five taught through English], some lead to a Masterメs degree.

The university outlines how its international programmes have some unique aspects: Competence-based education to provide excellent professional skills , Individual supervision and a limited numbers of students per group, International experience: Study Abroad , Work experience at international companies.

Competency-based learning is the a new form of education, based on the competencies required in your future career. Competencies include the knowledge, skills and attitudes that you must have to tackle problems in your chosen fields; particularly non-routine decisions and solutions not based on experience.

Courses offered through English


The HU does not own any housing or accommodation but has an agreement with a local student housing association with which it works to source accommodation for international students. Rent is from €350 per month.