Applications Open in Netherlands on Sunday
Written in News & Updates on Thursday, 28 September 2023 00:00


Applications Open in the Netherlands on 1st October


Applications open this weekend for students looking to join undergraduate programmes in Dutch universities for the 2024/25 academic year.

For almost all programmes,, you have the same chance of getting a place, if you apply of first day of applications period or last day. It is a long application period so for those Leaving Certificate and A-Level students panicking about submitting their application on time, deadlines are fairly distant.

For those programmes with a selection procedure (only some 10% of programmes), applications close on 15th January. For most other programmes in the Research Universities, the deadline is 1st May and, in the Universities of Applied Sciences the deadline is 1st August,

There are a few exceptions to the deadlines, some earlier and some later, You should check for these on the relevant programme profile.

When students first apply, they will need a copy of their passport (which must be current so if it isn't, apply now to get it renewed. As the application processes, there will other documents that you need to provide. EUNICAS details these in the step-by-step Application Guidelines you will receive, when you submit your Pre-Application Form. We will also advise you on the number of courses you can apply to, whether you meet the entry requirements and other important considerations.