Engineering Programmes in Groningen
Written in News & Updates on Friday, 09 June 2023 20:05

-One of the differences between studying Engineering in Ireland and in mainland Europe is that, at home, we often have the opportunity to do a Common Engineering first year, before specialising in a particular area of Engineering from second year. This is not generally available in Europe. However, at the impressive Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen there is a structure that is half-way there.

For example, you can opt for a broad first year in their Electronics programme, then choose your specialization: Mechatronics, Sensor Technology, Electronics or Mechanical Engineering. Note also that, after a successful first year in a University of Applied Sciences (UAS), students can transfer to Engineering degrees in other areas at Research Universities.

Remember though that the Research Universities are much more text-book based than the highly practical UAS. Hanze UAS offers lots of hours in labs, workshops, visiting companies and building sites. It also has a Makerspace where you can access 3D printers, metal-working and wood-working machinery etc, at all times of the day (and free to use for everyone!). There are also two engineering internships as part of the Hanze programme. Often the company in which you did one of your internships becomes your employer, after your graduate. The engineering programmes at Hanze have a very good graduate employment rate.

Students design their own racing car and enter it for competitions

So, if you want to study on one of the top Engineering programmes in Europe, a programme that is very-hands on and practical, studying in a city which boast a high number of Irish students, in a country with a reputation for high quality and creative engineering, Hanze is the place for you!

(and, remember, your Leaving Cert points are irrelevant!)

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