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Gdansk is the fourth largest City in Poland with a population of over 450,000. Like many of Poland's fine cities, Gdansk boasts a rich cultural heritage. Pottering around Gdansk's main town you'll find many little shops to explore. One local treasure that you're sure to encounter in this part of the world is amber, 'the Gold of the Baltic'.

Gdansk has another treat for the adventurous, the ancient 'Goldwasser', a lip-smacking local liquor that comes with flakes of real gold. Don't miss it.

For nightlife, Sopot has the best options in the city, with an ever-expanding array of places to explore. In terms of sheer variety and quality, your eating options are many: whether it's classic Polish fare that you're after, some international spice, or simply a trusty old milk-bar where you can pick up a tasty cutlet for next to nothing, you won't be stuck in city 


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Fly to Gdansk from Cork and Dublin