National Education Systems

Fortunately for UK and Irish students, at a time when they need it most, European Education migration has been made possible (for UK students, from 2020, this is subject to Brexit), or at least a lot simpler, through the impact of the Bologna Process and the development of the European Qualifications Framework, as well as the drive towards internationalisation by many European Higher Education Institutions, including leading Universities.

These developments have ensured that not only do all countries now offer a Bachelors-Masters-PhD structure, recognisable and understandable for UK and Irish students, but also that all qualifications are readily seen to be comparable to those offered at home. Of course, there remain some differences in terms of the types of Institutions in each country and their different, and varied, application systems. This section gives a brief explanation of these differences.

Despite the effects of the Bologna Processs, and other pan-European systems and developments, each country still has distinctive features in terms of its institutions, student support systems and application procedures.

Country Listing