National Higher Education System

Higher education institutions (augstskola) in Latvia pertain either to university-type or non-university type.The non-university type of augstskola offers short-cycle programmes that last two or three years. These so-called ‘college programmes’ are also offered by another education institution, koledža. The university-type of augstskola - universitate -offer both academic and professional programmes that last three or four years for Bachelors degrees and one or two years for Master degrees.


Fees vary considerably though generally they are between €1500 and €3500 pa. They higher for Health Sciences programmes.

Grants & Loans

Student loans (living expenses), 344pm and Study Loans available

Application Process

There is no element of centralisation in the Latvian system: you have to apply directly to the university of your choice, enclosing a dossier of documents, the contents of which varies from university to university. The admission requirements, processes and deadlines differ between institutions.