National Higher Education System

Belgium has two main types of higher education: Universities and University Colleges [in the Flemish Community] or Institutes of Higher Education [in the French Community]. Both types offer Bachelor degrees to the value of 180 ECTS that prepare you for your careers or for further progress to Masters programmes.Universities focus on the independent practice of research-oriented work in an academic or professional setting. University Colleges are more practically-oriented, preparing students directly for specific career. Belgian universities currently only offer a limited number and range of degree programmes through English


For Belgian and European students, higher education is financed to a very large extent by the public authorities. Every year, students must pay a registration fee. The amount of this fee varies depending on the higher education establishment and the type of programme and are usually between about €500 and €1500 pa. Fees in the Private Colleges will be significantly more

Grants & Loans

There are only limited grants available in Belgium, to international students, usually tied to a residential requirement, of the student or a parent

Application Process

There is no element of centralisation in the Belgian system: you have to apply directly to the university of your choice, enclosing a dossier of documents, the contents of which varies from university to university. The admission requirements, processes and deadlines differ between institutions.