National Higher Education System

While the Swiss Constitution guarantees autonomy to the country's 26 cantons in the area of education, the Federal Government and cantons share responsibilities on higher education and on the tertiary level. The Confederation is responsible both for advanced vocational training and for the universities of applied sciences.

Higher education in Switzerland comprises academic studies at the 10 cantonal Universities, 2 Federal Institutes of Technology, 8 Universities of Applied Sciences [Fachhochschulen] and at the Universities of Teacher Education.

As in other Northern European states, the universities are the more traditional research-focused institutions whilst the Universities of Applied Sciences are more career-focused.

Of course, its Schools of Hotel Management are world-renown for their excellence, even though their fees are significant,


Through funding from federal and cantonal governments, tuition fees at Swiss universities are relatively low. They differ from university to university but are usually between €750 and €1500 per year, for both Swiss and international students.

Fees are significantly higher at the private institutions.

Grants & Loans

There is no state or cantonal assistance.

Various Swiss universities offer their own scholarships to international students. Please contact the university of your interest directly. These are very limited in avialbility.

Application Process

There is no centralised application system and you need to apply directly to the university. Different universities have different application deadlines. Some are as early as mid-January, some as late as May.

Eunicas can assist you to keep an eye on these deadlines