National Higher Education System

Austria has three types of higher education institutions:

Universities: In addition to the “classical” universities that offer a wide variety of disciplines there are a number of specialist universities as well as a university for advanced further education.

Universities of the Arts: Six universities offer study in music, drama, film, fine arts or applied arts

Universities of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschulen):These universities offer their students professional-oriented higher education. This is reflected in their curricula, which include mandatory career-oriented practical training units or job-based internships.

In addition, there are a number of private third-level institutions offering programmes to local and international students.

Austria has 21 universities, including 6 art colleges and 3 newly-opened medical schools. A total of around 300 courses and 650 study options are on offer.Since 1999 the structure of higher education courses is based on a three-cycle structure incorporating the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes and the doctorate.


In the Universities and the Universities of the Arts, there are no tuition fees.

In the Universities of Applied Sciences , there is usually a fee of €363.36 per semester (these fees do not depend on the student’s nationality). At present, however, not all institutions charge these fees.

Fees in the Private institution will be significantly more.

Grants & Loans

Application Process

There is no element of centralisation in the Austrian system: you have to apply directly to the university of your choice, enclosing a dossier of documents, the contents of which varies from university to university. The admission requirements, processes and deadlines differ between institutions.