National Higher Education System

France's 83 public universities are funded by the national government, which closely regulates the "national diplomas" granted by the universities. This system allows the universities to offer students an excellent education at a very affordable price [yearly tuition fees of €174 ]. However, none of these universities offer undergraduate degree programmes taught through English.

Whether private and independent, or affiliated with a chamber of commerce and industry, France's 230 business schools offer curricula and teaching methods that are attuned to the changing economic environment and the latest management practices. Several of these schools offer programmes in English and they admit a very large number of international students.

In addition, there are a handful of specialised private colleges in areas such as Hotel Management, Design and Film. These can be very expensive.


Annual tuition for undergraduate study at most business schools is between €5,000 and €8,000 pa

Grants & Loans

Some higher education institutions offer grants and other financial assistance.

International students may qualify for state support for rent.

Application Process

All applications are directly to the college. Some colleges might require that you sit an entrance exam