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Leiden has been called the most beautiful city in the netherlands. That is not too surprising, considering how much of the rich city history is still visible everywhere in the charming city centre. Plus, when you add the large number of museums, the many monuments and the thriving cultural climate you will certainly agree that the city is well-deserving of this reputation. Leiden has 12 fantastic museums all within walking distance of eachother. There are plenty of dance clubs in Leiden, but the most notable is probably the one located inside of the Town Hall. While most of the building is used for what the name implies--typical governmental services (such as confirming my residence in Leiden)-- a section is a restaurant by day and dance club by night. For a five Euro cover, one can experience the pleasure of dancing alongside some Dutch groovemasters to electronic music and a light show in the modern atmosphere of the Town Hall nightclub. Eating in Leiden is a wonderful experience with numerous cafes and restaurants lining the streets, theres even a McDonalds.



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Fly to Amsterdam from Belfast, Cork and Dublin
Train from Amsterdam to Leiden: 20m