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Maastricht is located, in South Limburg, on the Meuse river, wedged between Belguim and Germany, with a population of about 120,000.

Maastricht has a moderate climate, and is known as the sunniest city in the Netherlands. Its centre is composed of narrow, winding streets, full of restaurants and bars.

Maastricht has everything when it comes to shopping. This beautiful town has luxury stores, fashion boutiques, haute couture, big brands and lively shopping streets.

The city has a large growing international student population. Nightlife in Maastricht is fantastic for students, with many clubs hosting famous djs. The three main squares of Maastricht, the Markt, Vrojthof, and O.L Vrouwe, each offer a different type of nightlife experience. Off these squares are smaller and more quirky bars, and some of Maastricht's best bars can be found over the river around the streets off of Stationsstraat and Wycker Burgstraat.


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City Travel

Fly to Eindhoven Airport from Dublin and Cork
Train from Eindhoven to Maastricht: 1 hr

Fly to Amsterdam from Belfast, Cork and Dublin
Train to Maastricht from Amsterdam: 2h 26mins

Fly to Brussels from Belfast, Cork and Dublin
Train from Brussels to Maastricht: 1h 40mins