City profile

Olomouc has a population of approx 100,000 but with 25,200 of that being students Olomouc has the highest density of university students in Central Europe.

Many of the town's services are student-oriented and close not only during holidays, but also during the university exam periods. During the summer holiday even the trams run solo (apart from rush-hours), while during the rest of the year the lines are served by two coupled trams.

The historical centre is adorned with valuable ecclesiastical buildings, a number of Baroque fountains and twisting lanes. The centre is enveloped by the remains of fortifications built by the Empress Maria Theresa, and exquisite parks.

"The Crack" is an Irish pub situated on top of one of Olomoucs hills and is a great place to go with a group a friends.


City Travel

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Train from Prague to Olomouc: 2h 30m