City profile

Piacenza, situated on the banks of the River Po, with a population of just over 100,000, is located at a major crossroads at the intersection of Route E35/A1 between Bologna and Milan, and Route E70/A21 between Brescia and Turin. The city is known for its fine food and wine culture and offers an array of fantastic restaurants and cafes.

The local sweeping plains and valleys are the ideal for outdoor lfe: whether strolling or trekkng, or cycling. Among the gorges of Trebbia, you can go rafting or kayaking, while the ski resorts of Passo Penice and Ceci (Bobbio) have great skiing.

Several universities (inc Politecnico di Milano, U. Parma and U. Cattolica have campuses in the city so it has a vibrabt student life.

City Travel

Flights to Milan, then 1 hr by train to Piacenza