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Situated 90 km [one hours drive] from Madrid, Segovia is one of the most beautiful, monument-filled cities in Spain. It has a population of 55,500.

The Aqueduct of Segovia, situated in the center of the city, is the monument which has given the most fame to the city and at the highest point of the city stands the impressive Cathedral of Segovia. The city also embraces living beauty through its many parks and gardens which include: Alcazar Gardens, Garden of la Merced and Paseo del Salon.

The city is full of bars and restaurants. Segovia is'nt known for having the wildest nights to be found in Spain but you'll find plenty of late night haunts, including a handful of music bars and clubs where you can dance till dawn.The focus of Segovia's nightlife is the Plaza Mayor which, like all the great central squares in Spain, is lined with bars, restaurants and street cafes.


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