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BA Art & Design

3 years

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Programme profile

Are you looking to shape tomorrow’s society and the design of 21st century products, services and systems? The Aalto Bachelor’s programme in Design is an international degree programme to prepare you for a future working creatively with physical and digital media while building a rich portfolio of work addressing commercial and societal challenges and developments in the private, public and cultural sector.

The curriculum embraces the expanding nature of design and the power of designers to locate opportunities and creatively craft possibilities. Throughout your three years of study, you will develop skills and knowledge to design with complexity and uncertainty as well as to prototype ideas and materialise solutions. You will learn to use contemporary tools, methods and processes for design as well as develop practices for acquiring new skills in the future. You will also learn to make more informed and responsible decisions as a designer through studies in business, with new technologies and in regards to sustainability. Building on the ethos of Finnish and Scandinavian design, you will learn to work in teams and co-create with others to develop solutions that are more human-centred, societally relevant and environmentally conscious

Programme content

The curriculum for the programme is structured to help you acquire a rich understanding about the role and functioning of design in society, while furthering your expertise and knowledge of design in different areas. At the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, you will have access to world-class studios and workshops for production of both physical (including workshops for textiles, metal and wood) and digital (including equipment for 3d printing, electronics and web) projects. Working in these facilities, you will develop hands-on expertise in designing and learn contemporary tools and processes for working with different types of material.

Much of the curriculum is structured so that theory and practice inform and strengthen each other. You will learn to analyse and explicate the meaning of design for users, for business, for society and for environment. You will also learn to identify and develop a personal specialisation within design in relation to industry and societal developments. Courses and studios are grounded in a combination of hands-on design work, lectures, seminars, workshops, group projects and self-studies


Graduates are entitled to continue your studies in one of Aalto's following Masters programmes:

- International Design Business Management
- New Media Design & Production
- Visual Communication Design
- Collaborative & Industrial Design
- Creative Sustainability

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels and three GCSEs

Six passes at Leaving Certificate, inc 2 x H5

Assignments (Two Rounds)



09 January

23 January