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Business & Economics

Business & Management

Bachelor of Management and Business Administration

4 years

€7935 pa

Programme profile

This programme,  with its five different majors, gives you the flexibility to create a range of career opportunities.The internationalisation of economies gives us new opportunities but also presents challenges to companies and other organisations. Knowledge of the international business environment, mastering of the practical and methodological skills of general management, and marketing within different cultures are essential for firms and individuals to succeed in global markets.

The five areas where you can major are:
Business Administration
Management & Entrepreneurship
Hotel, Travel and Tourism Management
Sport Management.

Skema offers you two tracks:

Transfer Track: two years at SKEMA Bachelors followed by two years abroad at a partner university [mostly in US, Canada, UK or Australia], leading to a double degree. Within this track, students can choose an 'International Track’ where they spend their 3rd year in the US and their fourth year in China.

Exchange Track: seven semesters at SKEMA Bachelors with one semester abroad at a partner university. In this track, you major in Business Administration.


Programme content

Your major will include:

General education modules; 
Core courses; 
Core electives; 
Free electives: sports, languages, computing skills, modules from another subject area.

Transfer Track: you spend the first two years at SKEMA Business School studying general education courses and core courses of the chosen major. Revision courses in maths are available if required, as well as computer and multi-media skills, to prepare students for their transfer abroad. Years 3 and 4 (the junior year and senior year) are spent in a partner university abroad. SKEMA has a network of partners among some of the most prestigious English-speaking universities around the world.

Exchange Track: you spend seven semesters at Skema and one at a partner university.Your  degree is awarded on completion of an end-of-studies internship of a minimum of four months. Students are required to submit a written report and present it orally in front of a panel




The institution offers related Masters programmes, taught through English, in the following areas:

- Management
- International Business
- Business & Economics
- Corporate Financial Management
- Financial Markets & Investments
- International Marketing & Development
- Strategic Event Management & Tourism Management
- Luxury & Fashion Management
- Web Marketing & International Project Management
- Strategic Human Resource Management


Entry Requirements

3 A-levels (grades between A and E) + 3 GCSE (grades between A and C), subjects to inc. Maths

Leaving Certificate showing at least 6 subjects of which at least 2 are Higher Level subjects (at least Grade C3) Subjects to include Maths




01 January

15 June