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Social Sciences

Politics & International Relations

BSc in Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics

3 years

€4286 pa

Programme profile

According to the university “to fully comprehend the questions raised in these fast-paced times, a 21st century answer can be found in the combination of four classic socio-economic disciplines: Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE). The rapid social and economic changes and growing complexity of today’s society require academics and professionals who can integrate different fields of knowledge into new solutions. This programme provides you the necessary tools to address these challenges”.

In summary, the four components of the programme are:

The exercise of power has a dramatic impact on which issues make it to the public agenda. An interdisciplinary approach to political science will help you understand the processes of power and how change comes about.

The human factor is a critical variable in almost all the complex problems we face today. Psychology, as the study of human behaviour, will give you the insights needed to unravel the role we as humans play in topics such as social inequalities or consumer behaviour.

As a guiding framework for modern societies, law and justice cannot be ignored when addressing complex social issues. Interdisciplinary courses in law will help you interpret problems through the lens of the legal system.

Money makes the world go round, and it’s often at the heart of many challenges societies currently face. Knowing how and why resources are distributed will give you an advantage in understanding these problems and finding a solution that works for many different types of stakeholders

Programme content

The first year consists of academic core modules, icluding Interdisciplinary modules such as ‘Justice, Beyond Hierarchy’ and ‘Decision Making’  and Methodological courses, such as 'Doing Research'

In the second year, you start on your ‘major’ [specialisation] in either politics, psychology, law, or economics.  You will work on your major in both second and third years and you will also do several elective and integrative modules in subjects other than your major.

At the end of each semester, in the integrated seminars, students conduct a project based on social challenges and themes, such as security, solidarity and global justice. 

You will also take part in the university’s Talent Development Programme


PPLE ia a multi-disciplinary progrmme and, as such, graduates can progress to a wide-range of English-taught Masters progrmmes at the university, including:

- International & European Law 
- Labour Law
- Economics 
- Public Policy & Governance
- Psychology [through Research]

Entry Requirements

Three A-Levels [ABB] plus 3 GCSEs [Grades A-C]. A-Level Maths (at D, or higher) required.

Scottish Students are required to have a SQC with 2 Advanced Highers and at least 4 Highers (Average grade B) Subjects to include Maths at Advanced (D, or above)

IB: 34 pts, based on 6 subjects. (inc Standard Maths at 4)

Six passes at Leaving Cert (with grade average at H3). Maths required at H5, or above

Admissions Essay


Yes: Letter of Motivation

10 October

01 March