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Master of Pharmacy

5 years

€9962 pa

Programme profile

This programme consists of five years of studies, the completion of which results in a master"s degree. Since 2009, the Dr. Pharm. qualification, an inherent doctoral degree of occupation, is also granted for pharmacists graduating in Hungary.The present 5,000-hour curriculum includes mandatory subjects (comprising 4,000 hours) and more than 20 elective subjects (comprising 1,000 hours), allowing specialisation even in the undergraduate years.

Features of the 5-year-long programme include a sound knowledge in the sciences, particularly chemistry and biology, the use of patient-oriented medicine, and the development of practical pharmacy skills following training.

Fees are $US 12,000 pa. The fee above is in Euro at the conversion rate current on 01.01.14
* some later applications may be accepted

Programme content

Year 1: Maths; Physics; General & Inorganic Chemistry; Biology; Intro to Health Informatics; History of Science; Hungarian Language; First Aid; Medical Terminology; Physical Education; Analytical Chemistry; Pharmaceutical Botany; Anatomy

Year 2: Analytical Chemistry; Organic Chemistry; Physical Chemistry; Pharmacetical Botany; Physical Education; Colloid Chemistry; Biochemistry; Hungarian Language

Year 3: Pharmaceutical Chemistry; Pharmaceutical Technology; Biochemistry; Physiology; Colloid Chemistry; Basic Immunology; Pharmacognosy; Pharmaceutical Microbiology; Hungarian Language;

Year 4: Pharmaceutical Chemistry; Pharmaceutical Chemistry; Pharmacognosy; Pharmacology & Toxicology; Medical Pathophysiology; Pharmacy Administration; Public Health; Thesis

Year 5: Pharmacy Administration; Clinical Pharmacy; Biopharmacy; Basic Drug Therapy; Pharmaceutical Sociology & Ethics; Electives; Thesis; 2-month practical in public/community pharmacy; 4-month practical in public pharmacy/hospital pharmacy

Entry Requirements

3 A-levels (grades between A and E) + 3 GCSE (grades between A and C) inc Maths

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate including at least two 2 at HC3. Subjects to include Maths




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