Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

University of Applied Sciences




Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences [HvA] is spread across various locations in Amsterdam and Almere. Its 2,300 employees serve more than 30,000 students.

Priority areas for HvA are the offering of high-quality education and the provision of a pleasant working environment. The University has a strong record in innovation and for the employability of its graduates. HvA considers its primary responsibility to provide the right support and guidance to help new students become professionals.

Courses offered through English


Thousands of students try to find housing in Amsterdam every year. Therefore cheap housing is extremely hard to find. Student accommodation is a good option for your first year until you familiarize yourself with the 'system'.To meet the need of foreign students, the HvA offers 'international student housing' and is able to offer accommodation in Diemen which is on outskirts of Amsterdam. The charge is approx. € 400 per month.