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Amsterdam's appeal lies in its rich cultural heritage, diverse and creative culture, commercial dynamism and high quality of life.

Amsterdam is an international city of culture, with a highly diverse population from approximately 175 cultures. It has a population of 783,364 in the City alone, making it a very lively and vibrant place to study.

Shops in Amsterdam range from large department stores such to small specialty shops.The city also features a large number of open-air markets, some of these markets are held on a daily basis.

Amsterdam hosts many museums. The most important museums of Amsterdam are located on het Museumplein (Museum Square), located at the southern side of the Rijksmuseum. It was created in the last quarter of the 19th century on the grounds of the former World Exposition.

Amsterdam is famous for its vibrant and diverse nightlife. The two main nightlife areas are the Leidseplein and the Rembrandtplein.Amsterdam has many cafes (bars). They range from large and modern to small and cozy.

Since Amsterdam is a multicultural city, it boasts a wide variety of different ethnic restaurants. Restaurants range from being rather luxurious and expensive to being ordinary - but excellent - and affordable.


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