Ecole de Commerce Europeenne


Lyon , Bordeaux



ECE is a Business School that is part of the InSEEC Group. For the last 30 years, the InSEEC Group has trained over 12000 students. It is composed of 8 schools in France with approximately 7000 students, in three cities (Paris, Bordeaux, and Lyon).Founded in 1988 in Bordeaux and in 1990 in Lyon, the two schools welcome over 1400 students to their respective campuses.In the context of strong international development, the ECE schools offer high-level courses in business and management, and extensive company internships along with academic semesters throughout the world.

The InSEEC Business School is one of the leading French Management Schools and member of the モConference des Grandes Ecolesヤ.InSEEC was one of the very first French business schools to introduce an international dimension to its programmes.

Courses offered through English


    The School does not have any of its own accommodation and you will need to find lodgings in the private rental market