Jagiellonian University





The university was founded in 1364, the second university to be founded in Central Europe, after Prague in 1348. Soon afterwards other universities were established in the area: in Vienna (1365), Pecs (1367), Erfurt (1379) and Heidelberg (1386). Through 650 years of turmoil in the region, the university has continued to survive.

Currently, one of the top-ranked universities in Europe, it now has 46,000 students, studying in 15 faculties. The academic level of the University is indicated by the fact that almost every faculty has received category 1, the highest, in the official rankings of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

The ancient Jagiellonian University, covered with the moss of centuries, is simultaneously a young, innovative place. A new, modern campus, called the Third Campus, is being built barely 4km from the centre of Cracow.

Courses offered through English


Halls of Residence are about €100 - €120 per month but availability is limited. Otherwise, rent is about €150 - €250 per month.