City profile

Kracow is the second largest City in Poland with a population of approx 800,000 and 120,000 students. A stunning medieval city with plenty to see and do.

The city is a beautiful mecca of art, culture and nightlife. It plays host to an array of festivals throughout the year, including film, classical music and photography, as well as the internationally famous Festival of Jewish Culture.The city has several famous theatres, including the Narodowy Stary Teatr.

Nightlife in Kracow is fantastic for students as it boasts the most bars and clubs in Poland. Midgard is staking out a claim as the best club to open in recent years. Not as pretentious as either Prozak or Cien, it can give both a run for their money.

In short, cool and laid-back with a pulsating night life and strong academic traditions.


City Travel

Fly to Kracow from: Dublin, Cork, Shannon and Belfast