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Malmo University was founded in 1998. Located in the centre of Malmo, the university has played a central role in the transformation of Malmo from industrial town to centre of learning.

According to the university itself, ""It strives to be a university open to all; a university that is structured to cope with an ever-changing jobs market through a multi-disciplinary approach that crosses traditional school and faculty boundaries."

In total, Malmo University has more than 90 separate education programmes and 500 courses. It teaches 18 Bachelor and Masters programmes through English. At present, almost 1800 international students are enrolled at the university

Courses offered through English


There is a serious and general shortage of housing in Malmo, especially in the sector of student accommodations. Malmo University does not own student dormitories and does not normally organize accommodation for students. However, Malmo University cooperates with two of the larger rental agencies in the city of Malmo to help arrange accommodation for students. Rent will be about €320 to €400 per month