University of Debrecen





The University of Debrecen has nearly 21,000 full-time students, following 65 undergraduate, 63 postgraduate and 27 vocational programmes in its fifteen faculties.

The university originated as the Hungarian Royal University in 1912. A chequered history, which saw many of its faculties exist as independent institutions through much of the twentieth century, was completed in 2000 with the reunification of most of these independent parts as the University of Debrecen.

The university is situated in a beautiful campus, located right by the 'Great Forest' nature reserve. The University of Debrecen boasts seven campuses, five of them in Debrecen, two in  nearby towns . Living as most students do on the Main or Medical Campuses, you will have everything at your hand; banks, pharmacies, a cinema, beauty parlour, hairdresser, cafe, restaurants, bars, sports ground, gym, church, gift shop, bookshop, libraries are all at your disposal. The city centre is about 20 minutes away by tram.

There are currently about 80 UK students at the university.

Courses offered through English


The university has student dormitories. You should budget for about €250 a month.