How To Use Eunicas

1. Register with EUNICAS

When your register to join EUNICAS, you will:

- be able to set up your own Eunicas account.

- add programmes to a shortlist in your account as you browse our extensive database.

- select between one and eight of your shortlisted programmes and elicit support and assistance so that you can apply to them. When you do this, you will receive 
Application Guidelines from us, for  each of the programmes that you are applying to, in support of your application.

- Know that your chosen universities have been alerted to your interest.

- be able to access us with questions about your applications.

- receive regular alerts as to deadlines, events and vacant places.

Of course, we offer more than application support. At the outset of the process, we can help you select programmes that suit your interests, aspirations and abilities. We can also advise on student finance, accommodation and other practical matters.

2. Step-by-Step Guide to Using Eunicas

- Register with us, entering basic personal details.

- Pay your Registration Fee of Eur38.

- Go into your Eunicas account and create a personal password.

- Browse the Eunicas database and add programmes to a Shortlist in your account.

(Note that the only way to add programmes into your Pre-Application Form is by short listing them first, which you do by visiting each course profile you are interested in and click 'add to shortlist')

- you can add notes if appropriate in your on-line notebook.

- Complete your on-line Pre-Application Form (which you need to do in one sitting. You can’t save a part-completed form).

- Submit your Pre-Application Form by pressing Submit Now. You will be automatically emailed a copy of your Pre-Application Form.

- You will be e-mailed, within 48 hours, copies of Application Guidelines for each course you have submitted on your Pre-Application Form.

(Please note that you should submit your Pre-Application Form to us, at least three days before the application deadline given for the programme that you are applying to, so as ensure you will receive our Application Guidelines in time. and have time to collect relevant documents, some of which will need to come from your school). Yes, at this stage you have only completed a Pre-Application Form, not an Application to any programme.

- Follow the instructions in your Guidelines, to complete your application to the relevant university, remembering that - at all times - you can contact us with questions.