Notes on Programme Profiles


This fee is the latest annual tuition fee published by the university. Where there are any changes or updates that are notified by the university, EUNiCAS will update the fee on its website as soon as possible.

Entry Requirements

These should be used as a guideline only. These requirements are minimum entry requirements. For many programmes, they represent the totality of the requirement for the programme, sometimes with specific subjects stipulated. For other programmes, there is an additional entrance exam or assessment requirement. For a minority of programmes, specific grades are required by the university.

Application Deadlines

These are the dates by which the university or institution should have received your application. Usually, you will need to have submitted a portfolio of documentation to the university, by this deadline. So you should ensure that your submit your EUNiCAS Pre-Application Form in good time before this deadline, so that we can advise you on what documentation needs to be submitted in time to meet this deadline.

Some universities have the flexibility to consider applications after these deadlines, but you should not rely on this and should plan to have a complete application to the university by the relevant deadline. However, if the deadline has passed, you should inquire of EUNiCAS whether this programme is accepting late applications.

Deadlines, in some countries, can be earlier, than those shown on this site, for non-EU citizens.

Please note that some universities have an additional winter [Jan/Feb] start for some of their programmes. Naturally, there are different applications deadlines for these programmes than those shown on this site.


In many cases, the default web page is in the native language of the university. All have English language versions: you can find these by looking on their home page for links marked ‘English’ or ‘Eng’ or ‘International’ or with a relevant flag. Sometimes, on updating websites, these links change. We will usually be advised by the university but, if you notice a dead link, please advise us.