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Borlänge is a medium-sized town, with 49,200 inhabitants.

Originally a tiny village, Borlänge gained significance in 1875 when the establishment of a railway line and nearby ironworks industry put it on the map. Borlänge promotes itself as The Number One Shopping City in the region, because of the Kupolen shopping centre, situated about one kilometre west of the town centre.

Peace & Love is the largest festival in Sweden. Located in Borlänge it attracted 40,000 music-goers in 2011. It attracts acts such as Jay-z, Lilly Allen and The Sex Pistols. Borlänge is the hometown of many new young musicians in Sweden.

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Fly to Stockholm from: Edinburgh, Dublin, London (Gatwick, Stansted), Liverpool, Manchester

Train to Borlange: 2h .