City profile

Brest is a city in Northwestern France and has a population of approx 300,000.

Brest's main attraction is the old castle with its outstanding 15th century structure that offers a panoramic view of the city. The collection of the Musee National de la Marine (National Naval Museum), featuring Brest's maritime tradition, is hosted in three of the castle's towers.

Restaurants in Brest have a wide variety of seafood. Fresh fish is featured on practically every menu and you can even find a few fish-only restaurants. The best nightclubs in Brest include Le Siem and Le club.


City Travel

Fly to Brest from: Birmingham, Manchester, Southampton

Fly to Paris from: Cork, Shannon, Dublin, Edinburgh, Newcastle upon Tyne, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, London, Leeds, Manchester

Train from Paris to Brest: 4h 20m