City profile

Jönköping is situated at the southern end of Lake Vättern in one of Sweden´s economically most prosperous regions.

The municipality has a population of 127 750. Jönköping consists of a variety of large and small population centres, wide-spread forests, prosperous agricultural areas, and many lakes and streams.

Jönköping has one of Sweden´s largest swimming baths and fitness centres — the Rosenlundsbadet Centre, which has, in addition to the outdoor pools, two indoor facilities for swimming and other fitness activities. During the summer months, three heated swimming pools are open. There are also many lakes suitable for bathing and swimming within easy reach of the city centre.

Jönköping offers a wide selection of music performances given by both amateurs and professionals, often at the Jönköping Concert Hall. There are also a number of theatrical societies and stages, some 15 libraries, and 120 cultural societies.


City Travel

Fly to Stockholm from: Edinburgh, Dublin, London (Gatwick, Stansted), Liverpool, Manchester. Train from Stockholm to Jonkoping: 3h 30m

Fly to Gothenberg from: Dublin, London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester. Train from Gothenberg to Jonkoping: 2h