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Košice is the second largest city in the country. In addition to its cultural riches, the city also has a zoo and a botanical garden.

In the town is the magnificent Gothic cathedral, the Cathedral of St. Elizabeth, as well as the Chapel of St. Michael, the Urban Tower and the Neo-Baroque State Theatre where famous orchestras perform.

The city has a good number of bars and discos which organize parties and live concerts. The major bars include the famous Exit Club, Radical Club, Golem, Diesel Pub, Jazz Club, Culture Train and Live Club.


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Flights [Ryanair] from Luton to Kosice

Fly to Bratislava from: Dublin, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London  AND Train from Bratislava to Kosice: 5hrs 
OR Fly from Bratislava to Kosice.

Fly to Budapest from: Dublin, London, Edinburgh, Manchester Train from Budapest to Kosice: 3h