The Hague 

The Hague

City profile

The Hague is a city of global stature. With a population of about 500,000, it is the third largest city in the Netherlands.

As the home of the International Criminal Court, Peace Palace, War Crimes Tribunal and Europol, it is rightly known as an International City of Peace, Justice and Security. It is also the political capital of the Netherlands, and the home to the Dutch Royal Family.

You can wander the streets, soaking up all the wonderful historic architecture as you follow in the footsteps of Mondriaan and Vermeer. Or you can sit on the sandy beaches, soaking up the sun or gazing out over the water.

The Hague boasts a wide variety of bars and pubs, mainly in the city centre or along the Scheveningen waterfront. International students often hang out at Siezo and Xieje (next to the University) and The Fiddler, or Havana (in the city centre).


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City Travel

Fly to Amsterdam from Belfast, Cork and Dublin
Train from Amsterdam to The Hague: 50m

Fly to Rotterdam from Belfast
Train from Rotterdam to The Hague: 30mins