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Växjö is a green, vibrant city at the heart of Kronoberg, Sweden. A population of approximately 80 000 people makes it the biggest city in Kronoberg.

It's a city that's both calm and vibrant at the same time. The Kronoberg castle ruins are among the best preserved renaissance ruins in Sweden. The most visited and tallest landmark (63 metres) in Vaxjo is the cathedral, with its amazing double towers. One of the most beautiful castles in Sweden lies in Teleborg, just a few km from Vaxjo: Teleborg Castle. Every Sunday the castle is open for coffee between 13-16.

There are several fantastic nightclubs situated in the City providing a great nightlife for students.


City Travel


Fly to Gothenberg from: London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester.

Train from Gothenberg to Vaxjo: 2h 48m