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Politics & International Relations

BA Human Rights

3 years

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Programme profile

This programme provides you with a basic knowledge of human rights andᅠhow they are applied and affected by the world we live in. The concept of human rights has a legal content, namely that the state has the obligation to, in accordance to agreements in international law, implement these rights for individuals at national level. The state also has the obligation to protect individuals from violations and abuses. The human rights concept also deals with issues of politics and philosophy, such as morals and justice.This programme also deals with questions regardingᅠ international relations, a subject closely related to the general development and understanding of human rights.

In addition to compulsory courses of human rights and international relations, you will have the opportunity to carry out an internship or optional courses in Sweden or abroad. This means you are able to get valuable practical experience in the fields of human rights work, as well as the possibility to develop and create networks and contacts withᅠrelevant organisations

Programme content

Law & Human Rights
Politics & Human Rights
Philosopy, Religion & Hman Rights
Research Methods
The State, People and Conflict
Rights, the Public and Collective Action
Regional Legal Systems
Person, Citizen, Individual
Universal Values
Alternative Perspectives
International Political Economy
Bachelor Thesis


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- Global Political Studies
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Entry Requirements

A total of 5 subjects from A-Levels, A/S Levels and GCSEs, two of which must be A-Levels

Six subjects at Leaving Certificate including 2 at H5. Subjects to include Maths




18 October

19 April